Diary of a Stray Dog

1. WEEK: A week ago I was born, which is happiness in this world to be here!

1. MONTH: My mom makes very good for me. It is a good mom.

2. MONTH: Today, they separated me from my mom. She was very restless, and with her eyes she said to me GOODBYE, while hoping that my new human family to me so sure how they did it.

4. MONTH: I'm fast, I devote all their attention. There are several children in the house, such as "siblings" for me. We are all a troubled gang. They pull me on a leash and I tweak it easily.

5. MONTH: Today nörgelten it around on me. My owner was angry today, because I "Pipi" in the house had made, but they had never shown me where I should do it.

I sleep in the laundry room .... And just could not hold back!

6. MONTH: I'm a happier dog. I have the warmth of my family, I feel so safe and protected.

I believe that my human family loves me and she spoils me too much.
When they eat, they give me always something. The farm is for me alone and I'm doing me a fun fact, like my ancestors, the wolves, my remaining food in the garden to bury.

They are not from me, so everything must be right but what I instead.

12. MONTH: Today I am 1 year old. I am a mature dog. My master said that I am grown more than they thought.

You must be so proud of me!

13. MONTH: How bad I feel today. "My brother" I took the ball away, although I'll never take away their toys!

That's why I took him my ball from the hand. But my jaw is very strong and I hurt him unintentionally.

After the horror, they chained me out firmly, I could not even up to the sunbeam move.

They say they are watching me and that I'm ungrateful.

I do not understand what happened.

15. MONTH: It's still the same:

I now live only on the flat roof. I feel very alone, my family loves me no more.

They sometimes forget that I'm hungry and thirsty. When it rains, I have no roof to protect me from the rain and when the midday sun knallhart appears on the roof, I have no shady corner.

16. MONTH:

Today they brought me down from the roof. I was sure my family forgave me and I am so very happy that I attacked them before pleasure. I had my tail for joy did not keep quiet.

Furthermore, they are with me for a walk in the car with you!

We drove towards the highway and suddenly stopped it. They opened the door and I jumped cheerfully out in faith that we share our day would be spent outdoors.

I do not understand why they get off without the car again and joined wegfuhren!

"LISTEN, WAIT ....." oh, they have forgotten me!

I ran the car behind her with all my forces. My anguish grew when I realized that they disappeared and they did not. I was clear:


17. MONTH:

I have tried in vain to go home to find. I am out, I'm lost.

On my way there are people with good hearts, I see my sadness and I give something to eat.

I thank them all by heart and wanted them to adopt me and promised them for eternity to remain faithful.

But she said only: "POOR DOG", he must have been lost, and went further.

18. MONTH: Recently I went to school and I saw many children, who helped me in my "sibling" remembered.

When I approached them, laughed a group of them and they threw many stones and looked after me who is better targeted and I had met.

One of those stones hurt one of my eyes and from then on, I saw nothing with him.

19. MONTH: It is not to believe, as I have a beautiful dog was felt all the more pity for me. But now I have lost much weight, I have become really thin and lost an eye and people chase me with a broom rather shock when I try something for my shadow somewhere tired and weak body to find.

20. MONTH: I can hardly move: Today when I tried a road with heavy traffic to cross, I was approached. A motorist driving his car in such a way
that he intentionally hit me. I will explain the content of the driver's facial expression never forget!

If God had wanted but that he would have killed me, but I renkte me only from my hips.

The pain is not bearable, my hind legs do not obey me and with great difficulty I crept to some grass slope on the roadside.

21. MONTH: since I was 10 days in the sun, the rain, the cold, without anything to eat or drink. I can not move.

The pain is unbearable. I feel very bad, I was in a humid place and my hair fall out.

Some people went past me, but either they saw me or not but others have said among themselves: "NOT TO GO NEAR Heran."

I am almost unconscious. Suddenly, a strange person next to me. Loving your voice brought me to respond.

"Poor dog, see how THEY HAVE EXPOSED YOU," she said ...

Beside her stood a man with a white coat, he began to scan me and said to the friendly woman: "I'm sorry, but this dog I can not help more, it is better if I have him from his suffering revenue." In tears, she agreed with him.

I made it again to move my tail and watched it with infinitely grateful eyes.

I felt just the redemptive pain of injection and a great deal in eternal sleep, asking myself,



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