Husky fever !

You want a Husky, this is quite risky. Not only one, be honest to yourself! One is nothing, a second one must come. A third one is easy, a forth one will run!

The fifth one makes fun, a sixth one will go, A house full of Huskys makes life to a show! Why not: another one, don´t you dare? They are really so easy, but my God, the hair!

One dog on sofa, another in bed, Hungry mouths in the kitchen, That want to be fed! The household suffers, you really can bare,

All the nose prints and everywhere hair! There´s hardly a limit, get the kick, To reduce their number, makes you sick! Each one is different, you know the bark,

Food`s expensive, veterinarians bills are dark! Your family keeps off, Friends leave you too, You only see “dog-people”, living just like you!

The lawn is a mess, flowers are dead, But you have nothing else in your head. Is it all worth it, what`s your intenion? On lap jumps your darling, that’s no invention!



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